Three Types of Services

Tutoring Scholarships

At a Achieve no student is ever denied service due to financial constraints. For this reason, Achieve offers free or reduced-cost tutoring for families who qualify. All scholarship decisions are based on HUD definitions of medium household income levels. To learn more, please contact us.

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Application Reviews

Achieve has a long record of helping students with their college applications. Our process is to pair students up with one of our college specialists who will go over every aspect of the college application and provide helpful feedback on how to create a competitive application.

Unlimited Proctored Tests

Students can come to our office anytime during business hours and have a real ACT or SAT tests proctored to simulate real test environments. We will then grade each test and provide a detail assessment of strengths and weaknesses of each student, breaking down scores according to sections and difficulty.

Worksheets in All Subjects

Students who need additional help in a subject can sign up with us to receive custom designed worksheets that target specific skill gaps. We will grade these sheets and make recommendations on what areas the student needs more practice in. Students are free to work on worksheets in our office.

Online Educational Platform

Our new online educational platform allows students to access videos, instructional material, and discussion forums on a variety of subjects. The platform also allows students to chat with an instructor in real time during office hours whenever they may have a particular problem they need help with.

Drop-In Study Space

Students are free to use our classroom space to do homework or other academic-related projects. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which students can effectively do their work. If you're interested in hosting a study session for a group of friends, we can certainly accommodate you.